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Title: ezGallery 6.0 Released
Post by: ezCommunitySuite on August 31, 2014, 07:40:28 pm
ezGallery 6.0 released

This update brings some new features and bug fixes. Full detailed changelog is below:

To upgrade download the latest version of the script form the members area.
Extract the fiels. Upload all the files to your website other than config.php and install.php
Once uploaded run http://www.yourgallery.com/upgrade.php to upgrade your forum

Notes: New language strings added to languages/Core.english.php and languages/Gallery.english.php the newest entries are at the end.

+Added settings to require birthdate on registration and set age limit for registration
+Added setting to disable viewing full detail page of image if not registered
+Added category level permission to disable viewing full image details
+Added user information to the myimages page. Stats include total pictures,comments and views total
!Updated some video file support/players used for video files.
+Added setting to redirect back to the category instead of the users myimages page by default
!Admin email notifications/tweet clean up single quote display
+Some linktree tweaks in a couple places display/style improvement
+Template/style tweaks throughout the gallery.
!Fixed tweeting of gallery items issue due to twitter api change
!Fixed bug with search all images from member icon on view picture showing images from galleries the user does not have access to.
!Now check to make sure the category exists if you attempt to view a non existing category will though an error.
+Added option to search all photos no longer requiring entering anything to search in the search system.
+Added arrow key movement for previous/next buttons
!Fixed updating last post on a category when moving a picture from one category to another category on the category display area.
+Added a setting to disable deleting the topic if you using the post to topic feature on a category
!Fixed loading custom language issue
!Fixed issue with long pictures titles causing an error