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ezGallery 5.0 Released
« on: October 09, 2013, 04:22:59 pm »
A major update to our ezGallery software includes many new additions, improvements, and bug fixes. A complete list of changes is listed below in the changelog.

For existing ezGallery users to upgrade. Download the latest version. Upload everything except config.php and install.php. Then once uploaded run the upgrade.php

!Fixed searching with special characters in other languages
+Added add category link to the top of the manage categories page
!Fixed previous image link now working correctly
!Twitter sharing now url encoding the title of picture that is shared.
!Facebook image meta tag description and title now encoded.
!Fixed bug with the edit own picture category level permission
!No longer show the edit picture link and delete picture link if category permissions deny it.
!Fixed paging in listall pages
!Fixed login bug for twitter
+Added Auto Tweeting main category setting for items posted in a category
+New image effects system.  Effects including the following: Blemish, Brightness, Contrast, Crop, Draw, Effects, Enhance, Orientation, Redeye, Resize, Saturation, Sharpness, Stickers, Text, Warmth, White
+Added setting to create a default personal category gallery for a user the first time they visit the gallery
+Added notification system for gallery admins on pictures waiting approval,  comments waiting approval, reported comments and pictures.
+Added checkboxes for gallery admins on image listing page to do bulk operations such as delete, unapprove, move images.
+Total Favorites and who favorited added to the view picture/media page if you have the favorite system enabled
+Added member group color links to many areas of the gallery
+Added gallery navigation bar/tabs to report picture, report comment, view ratings, and view viewers pages
+Added Facebook Like Button as a sharing option on the view picture page
+Added option to search exif make and model
+Added new setting on add/edit category to post to a specific topic when enabling the autopost features for a main category
+New setting to count member comments as posts
+Alternate table row styles in different sections of the admin area to make it easier to read
+Added checkbox approve/delete comments on the approve comments page
+Better Copyright Removal upgrade system
+Added Add Video Link the top gallery tabs if you have the video addon installed
!Fixed paging sorting on the user gallery list page
!Updated the facebook sharing code to a different format to fix issues since facebook changed how sharing works.
!Fixed some possible errors with the download item feature
!Fixed deprecated function call in watermark for text
!Fixed mysql error on sorting by rating inside a category
!Adjusted rating average on main category sort view
!Top Rated blocks now go by ratingaverage desc, totalratings desc
!Fixed listall to use (p.rating / p.totalratings ) AS ratingaverage  for the sort order
!Fixed possible error log with th exif read data function
+Added option under layout settings to view unviewed items in the menu button/tab
!Fixed bug with category totals/changing post content on edit picture.
!Fixed possible undefined error on search page that can be caused by search engine spiders
!Fixed bug with related images going too wide if set more than four. Now creates a new row.
!Better support for other character sets for adding a picture tag
+Added title option to recent blocks/image listing uses the layout setting to show or not
+Added settings to control picture min height,width
!Hide the addpicture/bulk upload links on category view if permissions do not allow it.
!Fixed bug with bulk uploader not working with files other than zip broken in last update
+Added related images feature to the gallery. Allows you to set the number of related images to show underneath the image description area on view picture.
!Fixed division by zero bug in case of bad exif data
!Bulk uploader now uses filename for title if no title given.
!Fixed permissions for images shown in the listall areas respects category level permissions
!Fixed previous/next links when using a custom sort order for a category
+Added facebook sharing meta data to share description, title, and thumbnail image
+Improved the add picture link in the menu
+Updated the facebook sharing code
!Better performance for the recent commented pictures block
+User Galleries now have the last post feature the same as main galleries if you have that setting enabled
+Added RSS links to user gallery categories if you have RSS enabled
+Updated main javascript frameworks
+Added Google+ sharing option on view picture
+Added processing of zips in bulk upload requires zip extension/builtin with php
+Added visual verification on add comment page and quickreply for guests to help with spam issues.
!Fixed bug in multibulk uploader not working in IE9
!Fixed manage categories sub category display adding a numeric value after the category title
!Deleting category level permission now takes you back to the category level permissions you were on instead of category permission list
+Improved add picture menu link to pass the category if you are on a category page
!Fixed regenerate thumbnails,medium sized images for normal categories
+Added upload limit per day setting
!Removed the calculation for fstopnumber now using the internal computer value if present or empty using the original fstopnumber without the calculation
!Fixed a bug if selected copy image to another category when you uploaded a picture and had no zero user categories and had normal categories would not let you copy the picture and vice versa.
!Fixed bug if you only had sharethis sharing enabled it would not show on view picture display
!Fixed formatting for twitter share button for spaces in picture title
+Added new share button for addthis
+Added some GPS exif support
!Increased the description size in the database for user gallery categories to allow longer gallery descriptions
!Fixed changing picture owner if picture was in an user gallery category
+Updated some exif display fields on how they are displayed fstopnumber,shutterspeed, and focal length
!Fixed missing file on multi image bulk uploader due to the file being removed from the remote hosting on github
!Fixed possible undefined error for exifdata processing
!Changed/fixed how multiple pages are handled for search results
!Fixed getting the correct image width/height if the image has been resized if it was too large
!Fixed on view picture if medium images enabled do not attempt to resize the picture though html
!Fixed bug not showing reported comments reported by guests
!Extra check for permissions on bulk upload for user categories
!Fixed duplicate issue with the multibulk uploader
+Picture totals now count for all levels deep for sub categories on the main gallery
+Added setting to hide last modified by on comments
!Don't show the max width,height on edit picture if you have resizing enabled
+Renamed some exif text strings and changed the order on a couple fields on view picture page
+Redid how category permissions to handle additional groups
+You can now setup category level permissions for post based groups
+Added more linking settings now with bbcode for thumbnail and medium sized image
+Added setting to move picture information after comments
+Added setting to allow you set the batch add path
!Fixed primary key on viewed items log which caused view logs not to be written correctly.
!Fixed SQL query on unviewed items page to show items currently if user galleries have passwords/marked private
!Fixed regenerate thumbnails for normal categories broke with last update
!Added GROUP By to search results query to fix duplicate images
+Gallery admins can now change the picture owner of user gallery images
+Manage categories now lists total images for user galleries
!Fixed bug in thumbnail/medium image regeneation when importing from other gallery software if the images are stored in sub sub folders
+You can now regenerate thumbnails,medium sized images for user galleries via manage categories
!Fixed undefined json_encode in older version of PHP used for multibulk uploader
+Added setting that allows users to control if they want their pictures rated or not
!Fixed bug with user galleries not allowing mark of adult content on add picture
!Fixed bug with user galleries not storing medium size picture on add picture
!Fixed twitter share link to work with PHP4
!No longer show the rating form if you already rated the picture
!Fixed bug if image needed to be resized in not saving the EXIF information on the photo on upload
+Added more checking for request for saving/deleting picture notes to reduce logged errors
+Added setting to disallow certain extensions types from being loaded into the gallery
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