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ezClassifieds 3.5 Released
« on: October 11, 2013, 12:51:58 pm »
New release for ezClassifieds includes new  features, improvements, and bug fixes. A complete list of changes is listed below in the changelog.

For existing ezClassifieds users to upgrade. Download the latest version. Upload everything except config.php and install.php. Then once uploaded run the upgrade.php and the classifieds will be upgraded to the newest version.

+Quantity’s now supported for fixed price listings. You can now sell the same item multiple times in one listing.
+Added simple relist system. One quick preloads all previous listing/auction information into a new auction/listing.
+MyFeedback area if trader system is enabled. Lists all feedback that the user has left or received.
+Alternate table row styles in different sections of the admin area to make it easier to read
+Added notification system via emails for listings requiring approval and comments waiting approval
+New setting to count member comments as posts
+Added checkbox approve/delete listings/comments on the comment approval and listing approval page
+Better Copyright Removal upgrade system
!Expire date now starts from the approval date of the listing.
!No longer show bid number on listing category display areas for listings that are not auctions.
+Membergroup link color added though the classifieds system
+New Select box custom field type for categories
+Added an option to store the paypal address when adding a listing/auction for future use.
+Added link to buyer in seller pm sent on buy it now
!Made sure currency is included in buy/sell/bid pm's
!Fixed return to listing link on buy it now pages.
+Better searching using special characters/other languages
!Fixed orphaned subcategories if deleting a category with subcategories and deleting the lists. The subcategories are now moved back to the main classifieds
!Changed how "Allow members to delete their own listings if no bid" works. No allows deleting if the listing is completed or closed.
!Hide add picture if listing can not have pictures and no ad picture upgrade is an option.
!Do not show bid number for listings for regular end users of the listing. Only visible now to listing owner and classifieds admins
!Fixed bug with paid listing if you had the credit system disabled not showing the payment screen.
!Centered custom membergroup price page
!Updated facebook sharing code
!Smarter double post checking wrote error out when making a listing/auction/comment if there was an error first with the input until all conditions are met.
!Corrected some issues with category level permissions
+Added support for post based groups for category level permissions
!Fixed permission issue on blocks for recent comments and recent bids which could show hidden categories
+Added extra checking if you a forum board is deleted does not affect if you have a classifieds posted to the deleted board using the category autoposting system.
!Allowed auction/listing owners and winning bidders always to have access to listings to view after it has expired or completed.
!Better removing auctions/listings on bid being accepted for auctions/listings
!Fixed bug with showing order screen when credits already purchased from credit packages if you had listing credits also enabled.
!Fixed bug if you were a guest placing a bid would redirect to a page causing an error
!Fixed permission issue when editing pictures of a listing
!Added another check on give credits to fix an SQL error.
!Changed out the Facebook sharing code to a new version of the code
!Made it so admin's can edit auctions if they are running or have bids
+Added setting to hide the send to friend under Classifieds Configuration -> Layout Settings -> Hide Send To Friend Link
!Fixed the paypal payment cancel return path if the user clicks cancel link in paypal
!Fixed undefined in tag cloud
+Added edit/delete/permissions link inside the category. Needed to add them if the feature simple main layout is used to have options to edit the category


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