ezDownloads is a powerful download system that can operate either standalone or integrate with popular forum and cms software.

Download Features

  • Unlimited categories and subcategories built in
  • Can support multiple files per download and settings to control how many upload files are shown on the add download page
  • Advanced Credit System - Credits can be gained by uploading, commenting and other factors. Options to control the number of credits on upload/editing download and based on other factors
  • Buy credits with Paypal integration and setup credit packages. Earn money from your download system
  • Transaction Manager for the credit system to view purchases
  • Feature to give members credits or all members credits
  • Comment system which allows users to leave comments a download
  • Download approval system that can require downloads to be reviewed before being posted
  • Rating of downloads from one to five and the admin can see who rated what
  • Picture uploads added to a download create a thumbnail, medium size, and fullsize image by default
  • Options to show thumbnails on category view and a download button
  • Feature to autoresize pictures if it exceeds the width, height limits
  • Text and image based watermarking of images
  • Simple upload progress bar if your server supports it
  • Category level permissions by membergroup
  • Custom fields by category shown on add/edit/view download
  • Linking codes can be shown on view download for bbcode, html and direct link
  • Control how many items are shown per page and how many items per row
  • Numerous settings to configure the downloads system. Max filesize, rss, ratings, whos online, quick reply, and more! For images settings include max width, height of pictures, max filesize
  • Highslide built in for enlarging of pictures on downloads
  • Stats page containing most viewed, top rated, most downloaded, most recent and other download statistics.
  • RSS supported for download categories

Admin Features

  • Registration options including instant, email activation, and admin approval
  • Membergroup support to classify users as different groups
  • Permission system on a membergroup level. Permissions include viewing the download page, downloading the file, adding/editing/deleting downloads. Download approval,adding comments,rating downloads, autoapprove images and more
  • Ban system allows banning by ip, membername
  • Quota storage limit system by membergroup
  • Option to set number of allowed downloads per day per membergroup
  • Can configure wait time in between downloads by membergroup
  • Logging of file downloads includes membername, date, credits used, and ip address
  • Comments can require approval and built in comment reporting system
  • Setting to enable multiple folders for storage of pictures for large download websites
  • On category level option to set the default sort order
  • Built in layout settings to control what information is shown on the view download page/category view
  • Regenerate thumbnail,medium pictures option
  • Bulk importing of files via ftp from the ftp folder of the downloads
  • Customize which index blocks are shown on the main downloads index page
  • Setup a registration agreement for users when they signup
  • Register a member directly from the admin control panel
  • Bulk deleting of members from the admin memberlist area
  • Settings to control avatars such as allow remote, uploaded avatars and their size requirements


  • Integration support for popular forum/cms systems
  • Registration has captcha support and also includes built in support for reCAPTCHA
  • Supports a registration agreement

Core Features

  • Easy to translate into multiple languages. All text is stored in language files
  • Developer friendly template system uses Smarty for the major templates
  • Built in plugin system to allow installing of plugins and developing your own plugins for ezDownloads
  • With the template system you can easily add advertisements and tracking codes such as Google Adsense, and Google Analytics
  • Who is online system to see what user/visitor is viewing or doing
  • Coming soon app store for plugins/templates for developers to share their creations for free or paid


Built in login support for popular forum and cms software. Currently supports SMF, ezForum, IPB, vBulletin, XenForo, MyBB, FluxBB, phpBB3 and Wordpress login integration.


PHP 5.3 or higher with GD extension installed
MySQL 5 or higher

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